Lots of Excitement Going on Around Our Place

It's countdown time. Jessica and her fiance, Jerry are going to be married next Saturday night.

We've had lots of weddings in our family--because it's a big family. One thing that I've noticed is how harried the mother's of the brides get--even more so than the brides sometimes.

First granddaughter to marry was Melissa. Her wedding was in a church, the reception at the fairground. Her other grandmother prepared all the food. (When my kids were getting married, I was the one who prepared all the food so this was a great joy to me.) Her mom, my daughter, hardly knew what was going on or who came to the wedding. Thank goodness there were photos so she could see who all came.

I think Genie's wedding came next. Genie is most organized person so she did all the wedding planning, with help from her Aunt Lori (my youngest daughter). The wedding was at her church and the reception at a country club. Everything went off extremely well, but her mom (my eldest daughter) confessed to be being a nervous wreck.

Merenda had her wedding outdoors at a gorgeous church camp where she'd gone as a kid and worked at when she grew up. The surroundings were gorgeous. Lots of the family were in the wedding--but oh, was it ever hot! I think her mom wasn't quite as nervous as when her sister got married.

Only one grandson has married that I know of, and it wasn't a big wedding.

We didn't get to go to Jessica's sister's wedding either.

We  have great-grandkids getting up to that age, and one that is engaged.

But the countdown is for Jessica and Jerry. This wedding is to be held in the Elk's Lodge. This is a merging of cultures--as a lot of wedding is being sponsored by Jerry's Hispanic relatives and friends. Our pastor (who is also my son-in-law) will do the wedding part, but much of the wedding will have a definite Hispanic flavor. I'll report back once the knot is tied.



Mason Canyon said…
Sounds like a wonderful and exciting time. Best of luck to the happy couple.

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Vicki Rocho said…
How exciting! It's been years since I've been to a wedding. Have a long ways to go before my kids go there.
Hi, Mason, thank you, I'm certainly hoping for the best. I've gotten to know Jerry pretty well and he's a nice guy. (Of course they are both kids.)

Our family is so big, we always have something going on, Vicki. It's kind of hard to see them grow up and have to face the world.
Monti said…
Jessica and Jerry! Great names for a couple. Congratulations, Marilyn! Nice you have such a big family!


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