PIcking the Best Cover for Angel Lost

Angel Lost is the next in the Rocky Bluff P.D. crime series. Since I have a blog tour coming up in March and my tour guide does my book trailers and is anxious for the cover, it's time to have one. Of course I don't design the covers but I always give suggestions. The suggestion I had for this one isn't one that the cover designer went with, but the publisher sent me five possibilities.

One I didn't like at all. It had a woman jogging along the beach (the heroine does jog along the beach several times in the story) but the this person had on long pants and had long hair. My heroine has short hair and jogs in shorts. Nixed that one though I loved the ocean background.

Second one I didn't like had just the very muscular legs of a gal jogging on the beach.

Third had a gal with short hair jogging on the beach with what I thought looked very much like the rocky bluff in my books, so that was a maybe.

Fourth had footprints in the sand with someone walking off in the distance. Looked good, but heroine never walked and the person had on long pants. Okay, but not what I wanted.

The one publisher and I both liked best is colorful, gal jogging looks like my vision of Stacey. Soon as I can I'll post it.



I look forward to seeing it! Covers are interesting little monsters. My cover for MONARCH doesn't necessarily have to do with a scene that's even in the book, but all the subtle clues are there to hint at other layers in the story.
Monti said…
Nice to have so many choices! You know I love covers, especially colorful and memorable ones.


I've had some covers that I really didn't like all that much, but most I've been happy with. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle.

Monti, you always have wonderful covers and of course, being an artist, you appreciate the good ones.

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