A Smile Goes a Long Way!

Even when you don't feel like it, smiling will brighten your day and possibly someone else's.

I actually get a great deal of satisfaction out of smiling at the grumpiest of looking folks I encounter when I'm out and about. When I smile at them I almost always get a smile back and what I've noticed is the big improvement in the person's looks.

I also smile when I could feel intimidated. I've smiled at the fiercest of looking young men gathered around a car in a parking lot and made a comment about what a great looking car. I've even complimented one of these fellows on their nice-looking tatoo. It is really disarming, and fun when they blink and smile back.

I've been in hotel elevators with folks who I know though I might be afraid of them. Instead, I've smiled an started chatting, and guess what? Yep, I got smiles and friendly words back.

No doubt some of these folks might have though I was just a crazy old lady, but who cares. I got a smile back and that's all I wanted.

So today, when you're out and about, find people to smile at and see what happens. Believe me, it'll make you feel better too.



M.M. Gornell said…
Marilyn, couldn't agree more!!!! (smile)

Sue Roebuck said…
It's true Marilyn. And you get into a habit of it (and I don't mean you go around grinning like a crazy :-) ). If you treat people well, they'll reciprocate.

Something I really hate is when customers are being served in a shop and they're on their cell phone. That is so rude to the person serving them.
Cheryl said…
When I worked in banking, most of my customers called me smiley. People really do prefer a smile to a scowl.
Monti said…
That's what I tell my students when I sometimes call the roll in my classes, "Raise your hand and smile." Smiles make a difference in one's day no matter the age!


Hi, Madeline, you have a great smile. That's what made me know you'd be my friend right off.

Hi, Sue, I think it's rude when people are yakking on their phone all over the place. I can't believe there are that many important calls to be made.

It's a lot more fun to deal with a person who is smiling than a grump. But I always knew you were a smiley person, Cheryl. You even smile in your emails.

And Monti, how great to get younger people in the habit of smiling. So many walk around like looking like they have a belly ache.

Shirley Wells said…
What a great post - and so true!

I actually love smiling at grumpy people.

Sending a smile. :)

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