The State of Publishing

Goodness, things are changing so fast it's hard to keep up with it all.

Not too long ago, authors published electronically only (e-books) were looked down upon, now some of the e-book authors are the ones making the most money. I mean those who are either self-publishing e-books or are with a small e-publisher. Those who are with a big name publisher who is putting their books up as e-books are not making all that much money because the publisher is keeping the bigger percent of the profit.

And unfortunately, some independent bookstores are going under--except those who are doing other things besides selling books. Some of the big chain bookstores are going under too, even those who are doing other things besides selling books.

Chain bookstores are not having booksignings for anyone but big name authors. Independent bookstores are having booksigning for lesser known authors--and the ones who are doing so are hanging in there.

People who have Kindles and the Nook and read books on the phones are loving this new way to read.

Others are arguing there is nothing like the touch and smell of a paper book.

Personally, I like them both. I have a Kindle and I love it when I know I'm going to have to wait somewhere like a doctor's office, an airport, etc. I love books and have a stack waiting to be read.

Frankly, I mostly buy books for my Kindle these days except, and it's a big except, for those books written by authors who are my friends. I still love owning autographed books.

I also love how my own trade paperback books look and I hope when Angel Lost is available some folks will buy it with its wonderful cover--but I'll be happy when people buy an e-book copy too.

I have no predictions as to how this is all going to continue--I'm just paying attention.

No matter what, I'll keep on writing my mysteries.



Ricky Bush said…
I'm with you. I have a Kindle, but I cannot pass a bookstore without going inside and browsing, and then end up buying something.

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