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Confession time, I do enjoy watching TV. I'm picky though, and what I like most is to order a whole season of one show from Netflix and watch it that way.

Even bigger confession, when we're home, hubby and I watch General Hospital. It comes on at 2, an ideal time for us to take a pause in our day, put our feet up, and watch the most outlandish goings on, improbable plots, and things that would never be allowed in a hospital or police station which often make us laugh, or just say, "Oh, sure, that would happen." Despite all that, the actors are really good though I wonder sometimes what keeps them from bursting out laughing. Sometimes we even snooze through most of it.

Hubby likes to watch reruns--yep, the same shows over and over, his favorite is NCIS. We both like the Closer and loved Ghost Whisperer before it went off the air. I loved Medium, but hated the way the writers ended the series.

We're loving The Good Wife, but watching it on DVD sure beats staying up until 11. I've tried to watch it at the regular time but never could see the end of a segment because I always fell asleep.

My sister tapes all of her favorite night time shows (she has five TVs she tapes on) and then she watches them all in the daytime. That's far too much trouble, and I never really learned how to set up the VCR to tape at a particular time. As you can guess, neither of us have a TIVO or DVR. Mainly because we hate learning how to use all these new-fangeled contraptions. I feel proud of myself that I can work the DVD player.

If nothing else is on Sunday afternoons, I've been known to sit through two or three Lifetime movies--but a lot of them are too much alike--especially when the beloved husband turns out to be the bad guy out to kill the wife, or the wife's best friend is having a secret affair with the husband. It's too easy to figure out how all these will end.

My TV watching usually comes when I'm too tired to do much of anything else--but I would like to see something that's entertaining.

What TV shows are your favorites?

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carlbrookins said…
I watch The Good Wife, Nova, Masterpiece (usually) on PBS, NCIS (the original)once or twice a week a Netflix movie, Harry's Law/
Carl, you're the one who made me decide to watch The Good Wife, you raved about it so much. And yes, the original NCIS is the only one that we like. Harry's Law I'll probably have to wait until they put it on DVD, just can't stay awake after 10.


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