The Wedding

Top photo of course is the bride and groom, Jerry and Jessica, taking their vows. Second is my son dancing with his daughter. And third, Peyton and Kay'Lee two of my beautiful granddaughters. Lots of people took photos, but these are the first.

One hitch was the disc jockey had a flat tire, then got lost, so the wedding was delayed until he got there because he had the music for the processional. I offered to sing, but my granddaughter said "No, thanks, Grandma." ( I can't sing and she knows it.)

After he made it and got all set up, things went quite smoothly. It was a bit of a different wedding as it combined two cultures--ours and Mexican.

The grooms' family and friends contributed much to the wedding or it wouldn't have been so big. The groom's
mother prepared the food, a wonderful Mexican dinner with tri-tip, beans, rice and tortillas. Everyone jumped in and helped serve.

When it came time for dancing, the music was varied between modern and Mexican.

We stayed until until the cake was cut and passed out, but I faded after that. When we left everyone was still having a great time.

So now I have another grandson-in-law.



Mason Canyon said…
Beautiful photos. Jessica made a lovely bride and your two little granddaughters are darling. Sounds like a fun wedding.

Thoughts in Progress
We had a great time. Thanks, Mason.


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