What About Those Cell Phones?

When this posts I'll be getting ready for granddaughter's wedding, but someone who commented on my blog about smiles, made me think about this subject. What on earth is so important to talk about that you have to have your phone plugged into your ear while your shopping? And what makes you think I care about what your granny did or someone's husband when I'm two aisles over? Why do people talk so loud into their cellphones?

Even stranger is when you are in an airport and an obvious business man discusses what sound quite important in a voice that can heard all over. What about business secrets? Aren't they afraid someone might steal that highly confidential plan that they just let 100 plus strangers know about?

I don't even know my own cell number, I always have to look it up. I don't turn my phone on until I need to use it or I want to read my email. I don't want people calling me to chat when I'm taking care of business in town. If it's important they can leave a message for me at home. Oh, yes, my family has my number, and if I'm on a trip I'll have my phone on most of the time. If I don't, whoever calls can leave a message and I'll get back to them. If I'm not at home, I probably can't do whatever it is they want anyway.

When I'm visiting with folks in person, riding with them in a car, or out to lunch with them, I think it's rude when they answer the phone and carry on a lengthy conversation while I'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs. If I'm not as important as the person on the phone, why did you ask me to come to lunch? I could've found someone else to spend time with who would enjoy just talking to me.

End of rant. I think cell phones are fantastic for emergencies and certainly helpful when you want honey to bring something home on the way from work, but goodness spare us the rest of the time.

Marilyn, who is looking forward to a great day.


Sue Roebuck said…
me too - I hate cell phones and rarely have mine on. I used to teach students (English as a Foreign Language) to say, "Good morning, this is...." Now it's "Hi, I'm on the train!" And to shout as loud as you can.
Enjoy the wedding - congratulations!
Jackie Vick said…
Have a lovely wedding! I carry a phone, but the battery is usually dead. It rang once when I was in a store and I ran out of the place, embarrassed. The people in front of me--whether it's the person in line or a friend--are so much more interesting.
T C Mckee said…
My daughters and I fight about this all the time. I feel the same way. It's so rude. I don't want to know all about someone's personal business while I'm trying to have dinner. Drives me crazy!
Great comment, Sue. Thanks,

Jackie, looking forward to seeing my granddaughter in her wedding dress and walking down the aisle. I too have a shock when my phone rings and usually can't figure out how to answer it until the caller's gone.

Thanks, Mason, hope I remember to take pictures.

And TC, I think it's just plain rude when people gab on the phone while you're dining with them.
Mayra Calvani said…
I agree, Meredith! Totally annoying.

I'm your new follower. I hope you'll follow back. :-)

Mayra's Secret Bookcase
Cheryl said…
Congrats grandma. I wish them many wonderful years together.

I agree about cell phones. They are just so obnoxious. Today at dance lessons, there was a mom who was on her cell phone within momments of walking in, and 45 minutes later when the lesson ended, she was still going at it. How distracting for the dancers, never mind breaking my concentration as I was trying to read.

I have a cell phone, but it's rare that I use it. I remember my car breaking down on the highway late one night while I was on my way home from work and not having a cell phone to call for help. I bought one the next day.

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