And a Trip to Ridgecrest is Planned

I enjoy speaking to writers' groups and there are several that I always hope will ask me back. Ridgewriters, a branch of the California Writers Club, is one of my favorite places to visit. The group is located in Ridgecrest which is way out on the high dessert with it's main claim to fame, the China Lake Naval Air Station. During the spring, the desert fills with colorful wildflowers--wildflowers you don't see in other places. When I contacted them about coming again to speak this year, they already had a speaker for March. As it turned out, that speaker was my good friend, Willma Gore. Willma taught me so much about writing during the years she lived in Porterville and we both attended the writers' critique group.

Willma has a new book out, a memoir, and she planned a book tour in California beginning with the Ridgewriters group. Something happened though, and the dates got muddled. Ridgewriters expected her on March 2 and she thought the date was March 9. She made her traveling plans, one that included bus tickets that couldn't be changed, and she couldn't make the March 2nd date. So she thought of me to fill in for her.

Ridgecrest Writers and I exchanged emails and I offered to take the March 2nd date. Then the Internet Provider for Ridgecrest went down and all my emails bounced back to me. So I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to go or not, especially since I heard that they were going to host Willma on the 9th anyway, wasn't sure they'd want me the week before.

All was resolved when I received a phone call from one of the officers of Ridgewriters and in the old fashioned way of communicating by actually speaking to someone, the problem was resolved. I'll be going to the group on March 2nd and they'll get to hear Willma on the 9th.

I'm looking forward to seeing this great group of people once again and seeing the wildflower display.


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