As the Time Draws Closer---

As it gets closer and closer to the time for Angel Lost to be an actual book, the publisher and I have been emailing back and forth. (Oh the joy of having a small publisher.) She sent me the back cover to look at as she wondered if it had too much printing. It was full of great blurbs from other authors. I loved it!

Then she sent me a slide show of me and my books. Wow! That was very flattering, too bad all the pics in it look just like me. Well, what can I say, when you're a great-grandma, unless you've had a lot of surgery, you're not going to look like a movie star. I've lived a great life with all it's ups and downs and it shows, not such a bad thing.

I was interviewed this a.m. over the phone by someone who read one of my ARCS of Angel Lost and she loved it. We talked for an hour. She asked me oodles of questions about the book and the whole series. I'm really not one who likes telephone conversations, but this one was a lot of fun! How could it not be, the whole focus was on me and my book.

One thing she really liked about the book was the relationships between the people. That's one thing I really strive for in my writing, because the people seem real to me, what I'm hoping for is that come across as real people to those who read about them. She's writing a review, so of course I'm anxious to see it and share.

Now, I'll have to email my publisher and tell her. And my publisher sent out a list of the top best sellers for last year and Lingering Spirit, No Sanctuary and An Axe to Grind were all on the top ten. No they weren't at the top, but they were all there.

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