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For a long time the photo I used for the back of my book and blog tours was a glamor shot where I had not only my hair done but make-up too. People would look at the photo, look at me and frown. That's when I decide to use pictures that had been taken recently that looked like me.

I've seen some wonderful photos of authors on the back of books that did look like the author--the difference being the author was young and good-looking, something I'm not.

I'm a great-grandma who could use some exercise and go on a diet. (I'm probably not going to do either.)

So, whatever photo you find on a book cover or inside, it's going to be what I looked like at the time the book went to press.

I love my most recent one take by my daughter at my granddaughter's wedding. I look happy because I was. All of my children were at the wedding. My son was the father of the bride, and all three of my girls came to see their niece married. The wedding was beautiful and everyone had a great time.

What you see is what I look like. The plus to all this is when people who've seen my photo spot me at a large conference or convention, they know immediately who I am and come up and speak to me.

So, what do you think about author photos?



Shirley Wells said…
I love to see the "real" author, preferably doing something rather than looking posed, and the photos you've posted are lovely.

My author photo was taken back in 2006 and I know I need to update it. This is when I wish I was a glamorous 25-year-old. Alas. :)
Cheryl said…
I love these pics of you, Marilyn. I have clients who I don't even recongize when I see real photos of them because their book cover shots are years old.
Anonymous said…
I see the gala shots of Marilyn in my mind, as I admire her writings and her personality is great, she glows...
What you see is what you get. Thanks a lot for your comments Shirley, Cheryl and Anonymous.

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