Busy, Busy, Busy, an Author's Life

Though I haven't left the house since Tuesday, my days have been really full. Though I've done a bit of writing on my latest work-in-progress, not nearly as much as I'd like

So, you ask, what has kept you so busy.

As you may have noticed, I have a new book coming out in March, Angel Lost. The publisher and I have been e-mailing  back and forth about errors in the ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) to get them fixed before the book goes to the printer. We've also been discussing some marketing strategies.

I'll be going on a blog tour with Pump Up Your Books in March which requires writing a different post for each stop along the way. That is a challenge, but also something I enjoy going. I am a writer after all.

Besides the blog tour, I'm making some personal appearances. There is one book store in Oakhurst, Willow Bridge Books, that I love. I contacted the owner to see when I could come back and talk to the writers' group that meets there. The date was set.

My April is really going to be full. I'm spending two days at the Jane Austen Fest in Fresno--and that required making a hotel reservation. I'm also heading down to Walnut to give a reading to Mt. SAC college, another hotel reservation.

I'm also headed down to a library in Burbank to be on a Sisters in Crime panel--yes, I belong to the L.A. Chapter of Sisters in Crime too. No hotel reservation there, we'll got from there to Oxnard to stay with one of our daughters.

I've also been planning for the rest of the year--but that's too far in the future to even mention.

I've also been reading and writing book reviews for the King's River online magazine. The publisher/editor, Lorie Ham is a friend of mine.

And I do have a life outside of all this--I'm the chief cook around here (because I like to cook) and since I have no idea how to only cook for two, at dinner we usually have one adult grandson who rents a room from us, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and her husband during the week, and son on the weekends (they rent the little house next door.)

So, that's how this week has disappeared.

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Mason Canyon said…
You have had a busy week and it sounds like it's just beginning. Hope you remember to take some time to relax during all this.

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