Oak Tree Press, Thank You!

I have the best publisher, yes I do. Oak Tree Press, owned and operated by Billie Johnson. She's publishing Angel Lost and I just heard from her that she's sent the book off to the printer.

I plan on ordering 100 copies for myself because I do a lot of selling when I give a talk or go to a book fair. I'll also be selling autographed copies from my website as soon as they arrive.

My books should be here in plenty of time for my blog tour as I'll be giving a way a few as prizes along the way.

On thing about Oak Tree Press, I always know exactly what's going on through the different stages of publication, from acceptance to press. No, I'm not a person who needs my hand held, Billie is just great about keeping me posted.

My other publisher, Mundania Press, is great too, but in a whole different way. I do have input with both of them about what the cover should look like. Changes can be made if I ask. They handle editing differently, but
both ways work for me.

The quality of books from both houses is great and both turn the books into e-books.

What more could I ask for in this day of daily changes in the publishing business?

Again, Oak Tree Press, I thank you.

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LauraR said…
That is very cool, Marilyn. I'm looking forward to the process of getting my friend Dan's book into print too! Glad to hear that you're so happy with OTP and their handling of your work.

Good luck with the new book. :)
Cheryl said…
Awesome news. I am so thrilled.

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