Sometimes My Cup Overflows

My calendar is really filling up with in-person engagements. Believe me, I really like to do these. I love talking about writing, helping new writers, giving promo tips to seasoned writers that they might not know yet, being an instructor at a writer's conference, and going to book and craft shows.

Recently I turned down two opportunities.

One was for a writing conference that I've offered to be an instructor for in the past, but was never asked. Finally, I'm asked, but I have another speaking engagement that I'd already accepted. I did ask that next year, if they wanted me again that they give me earlier notice. My calendar fills up fast.

The other was a craft fair that I've gone to for the last three years. It's a great fair and in a place where I can stay with a relative, but this year there is just too much going on around the same time period. I hated not to sign up, but I need to be sensible about all these things.

Oh, I know there are authors who travel from place to place to do booksignings, not coming home until there tour is over--but that's not for me. In the first place, being published by small houses often means the bookstore doesn't want to bother with ordering your books (which means hauling them with you) or they don't want you at all.

I have two favorite bookstores that I always go to at least once a year--and I take my books with me.
This year, I'm headed all the way to Sedona AZ to give talks in the wonderful Well Red Coyote and the local library. I have two more reasons for this trip, it'll be a vacation as we'll be traveling with our daughter and husband who are taking their motor home and I have a very dear writer friend I'll be visiting there. We went to Sedona once before and vowed we'd come back to do some serious sightseeing.

I'm truly looking forward to the coming year--and for anyone who is looking for a speaker, my August is empty right now.

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