Visiting Other People's Blogs

Today I'm visiting over at Kaye Barley George's blog talking about how it takes guts to write about people in law enforcement. At least how it takes guts for this 70 plus year-old great-grandma to write about this topic.

If you want to know more, hop on over to Kaye's blogspot.

We authors do this a lot as you may have noticed, we host other authors on our blogs and go visiting other authors blogs and even more fun when we get invited to someone's blog who just love reading and authors and that describe Kaye.

I have another connection to Kaye in that she grew up in the same little town my husband did, Cambridge MD. Cambridge is the actual place where I married my husband and I lived there for nearly a year. I've been back to visit with hubby a few times. It's a beautiful place located right on the Chesapeake Bay.

Help me let Kaye know I appreciate my visit with her by leaving a comment on the blog at



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