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Friday night, or early a.m., I dreamed about my visit to the WOK group in Bakersfield. It went horribly, there was hardly anyone there and they were not at all receptive to what I had to say, even argued with me. I didn't tell my husband about the dream until I ate my cereal because my mom always said if you tell a dream before breakfast, it'll come true.

We had a wonderful drive down to Bakersfield, arriving a few minutes before the meeting started. Two other published writers were there, one I knew from long, long ago and they each bought a copy of Lingering Spirits.

The room was packed, close to 40 people. I hadn't brought enough handouts because every time I've gone before there were between 12 and 17 people and I thought 25 handouts would be more than enough.

I spoke after their business meeting. I love speaking to writers. My topic was blogging and blog tours--I certainly know plenty about both. What an attentive group--nothing like my dream. At the end I answered a few questions, sold a couple more books and hubby and I left.

I had a coupon for $s off at Red Lobster, so I plugged Red Lobster into my handy Magellan and there was one about 5 miles down the road. We found it, ordered our lunch. Our drinks, salad and biscuits arrived. We were really close to the kitchen and I had fun watching the cooks and the wait staff rushing around. First time I'd ever seen inside a Red Lobster kitchen. Everyone was so young, including the cooks. I also read my email, answered some, and looked at Facebook on my iPhone.

The waitress brought my plate but said hubby's wasn't ready yet, did I still want mine? Of course I did, it looked and smelled wonderful. It wasn't long before hubby's plate arrived. The waitress apologized for the wait. Right after her came the manager and he said, "I'm buying your lunch today." Hubby and I both said, "Why?" He said because it took so long for hubby's lunch to arrive. (It really wasn't that long, and hubby didn't complain.)

So, we got a free and very delicious lunch. Thank you, Red Lobster.

And that was my great day.



Jerry Weinberg said…
But Marilyn, there's no such thing as a free lunch. You must have paid for this one in some way. Perhaps writing the column–but no, that sounds like you were having fun writing it.

Maybe you or hubby got indigestion?

Please don't tell me I have to learn something new at this old age.
Yep, in this case there is such a thing as a free lunch. No indigestion, the lunch was delicious. What's a bit of a wait?
Cheryl said…
Glad what actually happened was nothing like your dream.
Dana said…
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Dana Martin said…
Marilyn, we truly enjoyed your presentation! I'm glad you enjoyed our eclectic, enthusiastic group of writers, too. They are always eager to learn more, share what they know, and buy books!

Thanks again for being such a great speaker!

Dana Martin
President, Writers of Kern

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