Always Something to Do

People often wonder how I get so much done. Frankly, I never do as much as I hope to do.

I make lists, not formal lists, just lists on post-its and tablets that are sent to me in the mail or I've picked up at hotels or conferences. I love checking off tasks I've completed. And yes, I write down almost everything I plan for the day--though sometimes I just do it without making a list.

Woke up on Sunday to an order for Deadly Omen from Amazon Advantage. Once I was up and at the computer, I just went ahead and fulfilled the order and got it ready to be mailed on Monday. I didn't put it on a list. However, from yesterday, I had a note to send Trail to Glory, my first book published, off to a place to be scanned in PDF and Word format. I no longer had it on my computer and I only had one copy left--except for the copy I autographed to my hubby. I'd like to see this one have a new life. I also want to send Bad Tidings there too for the same reason, though I have about 2 copies left, I don't have it on the computer anymore and I'd like for it to be available as an e-book. I got everything together to mail--so I can cross that off the list.

Still there is a note to replace my red and yellow ink in my printer. There's also a reminder to promote the fact that Kindle Nation will have an excerpt from Invisible Path on Wednesday (today)and I'll need to promote that.

I'll be interviewed at Blogcritics

today, so I'll be busy promoting it on Twitter, Facebook and my lists. And of course, I'll be checking it from time to time to see if there are some comments to respond to.

Because I've been neglecting my work in progress, I plan to spend time writing. I really want to get the first draft done this month if at all possible. It isn't due until next year sometime, so I really don't have to rush. The next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery is done and in the hands of the publisher for a fall release. But, the main reason I need to get it done is so I can start making notes for the next Rocky Bluff P.D. This is all a never ending process--especially when you have two series going at once.

What I won't be doing is spring housecleaning. I quite doing that years ago. My daughter-in-law does most of the regular housekeeping and once in awhile I might tackle some special project. I'm the laundress and chief cook around here which means I also do the majority of the grocery shopping.

Anyone who is my friend on Facebook also knows that I teach a 4th through 6th grade Sunday School class and attend a weekly Bible study and hubby and I participate in all the fellowship programs put on at the church. And I'm the church's clerk--which means I take the minutes of the council meetings and sign some official documents.

Besides all the online promotion I also have quite a schedule of in-person promotion. Next up is the local launch for Angel Lost being held Saturday, March 26 from 1-4 at Books Off Main in Porterville. Have some invitations to mail off and some info to send off to the newspaper.

Whew! That made me tired just writing it.



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