Angel Lost Review

Come to the shore, but don't expect to relax - not if the town is Rocky Bluff, California! F.M. Meredith takes us into the inner workings of the Rocky Bluff Police Department and the lives of its officers and their
 families in her upcoming release, "Angel Lost." And Rocky Bluff has its share of issues.

Take Officer Stacey Wilbur. She's a single mom, raising a young son. If that wasn't enough of a challenge, she's also a one-cop vice squad and a new challenge has come her way. There's a serial flasher stalking the beach and she goes undercover to catch him. Oh, yes, she's also trying to plan her wedding at the same time. Talk about multitasking!

Then there's Doug Milligan, Stacy's fiancé and superior on the force. He's not thrilled about her undercover assignment, but understands that it goes with the job. He just wants a chance to spend some time with her, but that seems to be hard to come by.

There are other members of the force and their various issues. The repercussions of an in-the-line-of-duty shooting haunt a newcomer to the force, even as he misses the big city action he left behind. Another faces a mother slipping into dementia. There's the department nerd, currently Doug's roommate but not for long.

An angel has appeared in the window of a Rocky Bluff store, drawing attention from all over the state. A chain of robberies is targeting the well-to-do homes of Rocky Bluff. Can the department let Stacey and Doug have time off for a wedding with so much going on? Will Stacey be there for the wedding, or will her case cost her life?

"Angel Lost" represents the seventh book in the Rocky Bluff PD series, and Meredith does an outstanding job of showing the family stresses inherent in police work, even in a small town. Woven among the interactions you'll find a taut suspense story, a touching family saga, a police procedural and a love story. This book packs quite a wallop. Although part of a series, "Angel" doesn't suffer if you've missed the earlier books.
--Mary Beth Magee, Yahoo Contributor Network
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