A Day in the Life of an Author--and the Rest of the Week

I bet you think the first thing I do is sit down at the computer wearing my p.j.'s. I know there are many authors who do just that, but not me. I shower and dress because I never know what the day may bring. With a family as big as mine, sometimes things come up I hadn't planned for and it's always best to be ready to go.

Because I'm nearing the end of my blog tour for Angel Lost, the first thing I'm going to do today is check out the blog I'm visiting, and today it's an interview at Examiner . Once there I'll read it, leave a comment, and then spread the word (and the link) through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks and on some of the lists I subscribe to. As the day progresses, I'll check the blog to see if there are comments I should subscribe to.

Next, I have to make an appointment with a tax consultant. My taxes are done, but I have an issue I can't figure out and need someone smarter about taxes to help me. If I can get an appointment for today, I'll take it, otherwise whenever I can fit into their schedule and mine this week.

Hubby will be taking the mail to the p.o. Today I have two autographed books to mail that were ordered by a fan and a book ordered by Amazon Advantage. About every two weeks they order Deadly Omen, the first in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series. When he returns with the mail, there will undoubtedly be some business for me to tend to.

I plan to do a little grocery shopping today, if I can fit it in. Need to figure out something easy to make for dinner because I'm going out for dinner. Shopping means driving 20 miles to the next town, which will take up most of the morning.

When I have a chance, I'll open up my work-in-progress and at least write a couple of pages.

At two, hubby and I always take time out to watch General Hospital. It's fascinating to see the wild plots the writers think up--and it's a good time to rest. Confession--sometimes we both fall asleep. Once it's over I may write for another hour, or put together a casserole and write while it's cooking.

Today though, I headed to a friend's where both morning and evening Bible study groups are celebrating the end of our study with a spaghetti dinner.

When I get home, I plan to watch Dancing with the Stars. By evening, my mind is mush and I seldom write.

The rest of this week is busy too. I have a meeting to a attend in a city 1 hour away. Usually I stay for lunch but can't this time because my hubby has an eye appointment and needs a driver--me--so I have to rush home to get him. Later that evening or the next day I'll be putting together a newsletter for the organization for the meeting I attended.

Wednesday I'll finish up the newsletter and get it ready to send out. (Means someone has to take it to town, hope it's not me, then I'll have time to write.) That evening is my writers group.

Thursday and Friday so far are free and besides squeezing in doing the laundry and cooking dinners, I should have some big chunks of time for writing. Because I like to have a new blog everyday, I'll be writing some blogs too.

Saturday is my official in-person book launch for Angel Lost at Books Off Main, on Oak St. behind Subway in downtown Porterville from 1 - 4. We'll probably go out to eat afterward.

And that's it, at least that's how it looks right now.

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Monti said…
Goodness, Marilyn, I'm surprised you ever have time to write! Great you have so much community involvement.

All the best,
Just reading your schedule makes me too tired to start my day.How do you ever get it all done and still write novels? Can't believe the grocery store is 20 miles away. I mourned the closing of my local grocery store and the fact that I had to drive one block farther to the next one.
Monti, it isn't always so easy to find time to write. And Rebecca, that's one of the disadvantages of not living in a city, we have to drive to the closes city for nearly everything.

And you'll see by today's post nothing has gone the way I expected. Normal for me.


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