Good Morning!

I always like to sound positive even when I'm not totally feeling that way. However, I'm blessed to still be here and enjoying life, my family and my friends.

One thing I never am is bored. I'm always amazed when I here people say they are bored. I don't have time to be bored. I always have something I need to do and most of it is interesting. Of course I look forward to things others might not such as:

Working on my latest book.
All kinds of online promotion.
Reading emails.
Reading someone else's book to write a blurb.
Reviewing someone else's book.
Going to my critique group.
Editing a chapter in my own book after critique group has made suggestions.
Writing blogs.

Those are all writing things. I also look forward to:

Visiting with family members and friends.
Going to Bible study.
Teaching Sunday School and going to church to worship and fellowship with my church family.
Going to a movie.
Watching a movie on DVD.
Silly reality shows.
General Hospital on TV

And that barely are only a few of the things that keep me from being bored.



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