I Didn’t Know You Wrote That!

The tiny bit of fame I have as a writer comes from my historicals. My Tudor mystery, HER HIGHNESS’ FIRST MURDER, garnered very nice comments from all the Big Guys in reviewing, which pleased and surprised me.( I had no idea they even noticed writers from small presses!) The second in that series (POISON, YOUR GRACE) will come out in November of this year, and I am at work on #3 these days.
On April 1st I have a totally different sort of book coming out, and that’s a slightly scary prospect. Those people who praised my attention to the historical detail of the Tudor era might not be interested in a paranormal, contemporary mystery. They might even find THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY unsuited to their tastes , despite what one advance review calls my “wickedly dark humor combined with regular laugh-out-loud moments.” (Sam Millar, New York Journal of Books)

So what’s an author to do?

I love my historical series, but the idea for THE DEAD DETECTIVE AGENCY just floated into my head, and I had a great time writing it down. Here’s how it goes: Tori Van Camp awakens one morning on a cruise ship. She seems to be a welcome guest, and the ship offers anything she might require or request. But why does she have a clear memory of being murdered, and how can she find out why someone wanted her dead?

As I wrote, the ideas for two more Dead Detective Mysteries formed in my head. I have the second one outlined and will get to work on it very soon. Once I’ve done those three, I’m pretty sure I’ll be on to some new idea. From time to time, other topics occur to me, and I write those books too, if I can find the time. It is a great story idea that appeals to me, and though I love my characters, I don’t ever want to drag their adventures on too long. I liked Jessica Fletcher too, but come on!

Conventional wisdom says that an author has to have a “brand”, stick with one sub-genre, and keep producing more of what the fans liked in the last book. I guess I’ll never be that sort of writer, so readers should pay attention to the book descriptions to decide if my next offering suits their tastes. My books will always be about strong women, and they’ll always be great stories.

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Holli said…
You can't go wrong writing about strong women, no matter what era or genre. Your new series sounds fascinating, I'll have to pick it up.

Holli Castillo
Gumbo Justice
Peg Herring said…
Thanks, Holli!
Check GoodReads or visit Author Island on Friday, and maybe you'll win one of the giveaway copies!
I'm so glad you visited today, I thought this was a charming post.

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