The Lincoln Lawyer

Hubby and I watch a lot of movies. Now that we're older, a date usually involves a movie downtown and a meal in a restaurant.

We went for late breakfast and then to see the first showing of The Lincoln Lawyer in town. For a movie with as much promo as this one had, the theater wasn't very full, hopefully the later showings had better attendance.

I like to watch a movie before I read the book, but as the movie progressed I knew I'd read this one already. Before I go any further, the movie was really good. Of course not every plot twist that was in the book was reproduced, but all the important ones were there.

I'd wondered about the casting, but everyone did a wonderful job in portraying the characters.

There aren't a whole lot of movies that are mysteries--I wish there were more and that those that are from books would be as faithful as this one to the written version.

Not that my opinion counts for much, but I'd give the movie four out of five stars.

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Ellis Vidler said…
Our dates are about the same. We have one for tomorrow after work--The Lincoln Lawyer and dinner at The Flat Rock Grill. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I remember liking the book but read it several years ago, so the missing details won't bother me. I want to see a good Harry Bosch film. Wish they'd start making those.

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