Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

We've had rain off and one for at least three weeks. This is unusual for our part of California--the Sierra Footihills of the San Joaquin Valley. Usually, the news reporters and papers are full of talk about lack of rain. Now it's all about the earth being saturated and flooding.

It rained so much and so hard last night, it woke me up several times. We live above a small river, and we can always tell when there has really been a lot of rain because a huge boulder that sits in the middle of the river will get completely covered, something that doesn't happen most  years.

Along with the rain there's been an abundance of snow in the upper elevations making a gorgeous view from the house and even more so when we're driving home from the Valley. Coming up 190 at times you can see much of the lower rang of the Southern Sierra, a beautiful sight covered with snow.

Wild flowers are beginning to bloom. I've seen a few poppies and lupine and there's lot so wild mustard and goldenrod. (Probably not the proper names, but one has yellow blooms, the other orange.) Amond trees are covered with white blossoms, and the red bud is in bloom. (It's more of a purple color then red but that's what everyone says it is.)

Where it will be golden brown this summer is now green.

All the different colors depending upon the season fascinated me when I first came here from the always green environment of Southern California.

According to the news, there are still more storms moving our direction. Hope they wait long enough for the earth to dry out a bit.

Marilyn, feeling a bit water-logged.

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vinnie said…
It's the end of March here in New York and there is still remnants of snow on my lawn!
Today, the sun is finally shining. I know for all you folks in the Mid-West and the East, you've been plagued by snow.

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