Report on Book Store Appearance

First stop on my personal appearances was Books Off Main in Porterville.

Yesterday was a gloomy, off and on rainy day. Traffic was extremely light and I didn't have my usual faithful followers turn up--but I did have two who came because of the newspaper article. My daughter came and kept me company during my stay. And two friends from church who'd never been to one of my book signings showed up.

Because  a couple of folks purchased two of my earlier books in the series besides the new one, sales weren't bad at all for a tiny used book store off the beaten path. Having my book launches at this little store has increased traffic for the store and that's a good thing.

I always have a good time at these events no matter what.

Next on my calendar is the Jack Ass Mail Run in Springville. (where I live.) This is an outside event where's we'll have to put up our tent--and hope the weather has changed by then. Books don't do well outside in the rain. This is the 50th anniversary of the Jack Ass Mail Run. People on horseback escort the mail wagon from Porterville all the way up to Springville (17 uphill miles) which takes all day long. When the wagon arrives around 4 p.m. bandits try to steal the mail with a hug shootout. In years past, when drinking was allowed on the street, the major jackasses were of the two-legged variety.

Books by Marilyn

My April schedule is very full. I'll let you know about each one and how they turn out.


James Garcia Jr said…
Thanks for the updates on this. Since I have yet to do an event, it will be a great learning experience for me. I hope to plan something in April at the boutique in Kingsburg that is selling my novel. It looks to be a wine and book signing event to help both the store and myself.
Then in May it will get very busy as I have several events planned.
We'll see...

Having wine should bring them in and loosen them up. Best of luck.


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