The Social Network

Hubby and I watched The Social Network on DVD last night.

Hubby fell asleep. He doesn't do Facebook and really doesn't understand the fascination.

Though I found it interesting to learn how Facebook came about and everything that's happened to Mark Zuckerberg as he was developing and perhaps stealing some basic ideas and then afterwards, I didn't think it was Oscar material.

If it is an honest depiction of Mr. Zuckerberg, I would guess that he suffers from Asberger's. He came across as a genius with no social skills nor does he have any loyalty to friends or the capability to realize how he might hurt people.

What I would have liked to have learned was more about his early family life.

What did you think about the movie?

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James Garcia Jr said…
Hi, Marilyn. How are you? when my wife and I watched the film just beforwe the Oscars, we were already predispositioned against it due to our love of eventual Best Picture winner, The King's Speech.
My wife's comment was she almost wanted to delete her FB account after seeing the fictionalized version of the man. I liked Timberlake and love everything that Aaron Sorkin does; however, I didn't think it was Oscar worthy either.
Thanks for asking,

Monti said…
I haven't seen the movie and wonder if I want to especially after learning your reaction.


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