Targeted by John M. Wills

Targeted by John M.Wills

Targeted is the third book in the Chicago Warriors series published by TotalRecall Publications, Inc.

This story is about a former Army sniper targeting Chicago police officers. It is also about the members of the police department hunting down this elusive and dangerous threat. It is also about a priest who has been falsely accused of molesting a boy he befriended.

Targeted is a true page-turner with plenty of action, but what I liked best is the characters are realistic. There are a couple of bad cops, but the story focuses on the good ones. The good cops are real people with families and problems, cops who have religious convictions and sometimes doubts about their beliefs. The investigative work develops naturally and realistically. There are no super heroes only real officers doing real police work.

John Wills has presented an excellent work of suspense with Targeted.

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--Reviewed by Marilyn Meredith, author of Angel Lost from Oak Tree Press

P.S. John M. Wills spent thirty-five years in law enforcement from patrol, special operations, undercover, and a street survival instructor. As an FBI agent he worked violent crime, organized crimes, and drugs. He's going to be one of the speakers at the Public Safety Writers Association's conference:


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