Two Events Cancelled

The first I learned about while I was at Sisters in Crime. The speaker, Sharon Latham, is the author of Jane Austen books--what happened after the books ended. I mentioned that I'd be seeing her at the Jane Austen Fest coming in April. She got a stricken expression and said, "Oh, haven't you heard. We had to cancel the fest."
No, I hadn't heard and was shocked. She didn't give a reason, though it sounded like ti might have been some problems with people.

Though I always thought it was strange that I was invited to this event, I enjoyed myself when I was there and had sold books. So, I struck that one off my calendar. Of course it meant calling the hotel where I'd made a reservation. Now, I'm waiting to see how long it'll be before I get the fee back for reserving a table.

Then, this week, I received an e-mail notice from the chairperson of Mayhem in the Midlands that this, one of my most favorite conferences has been cancelled. Not that's really sad. I love Mayhem and have been to all but one of the previous 10. I've made so many friends who come and look forward to seeing them. Cancelling the hotel reservation was easy--the airplane ticket not so much.

Unfortunately, it was a non-refundable ticket that cost more than $800. Both Hap and I planned to go.

I did take out insurance but it doesn't cover the cancellation of an event. For another $150 I can use the tickets to go somewhere else as long as I do it within the year--not sure if the year is from the time I bought the ticket or when we were supposed to go--but I suspect it was the former. I will do that once I figure out a good place and get the refunds back from registration fee from Mayhem.

I definitely disappointed, but I'm one who believes things do happen for a reason--so I'm not going to mope around about it. I think I've got a substitute event for the Jane Austen Fest, something cheaper, much closer to home and only one day instead of two. And I'm checking into an event this August that requires flying. I'll keep you  posted. As they say, "Make lemons out of lemonade."

In the meantime I'm having fun on my blog tour.

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Kevin R. Tipple said…
I did not know Mayhem officially canceled. That was one I always wanted to go to and never could make it happen from a money standpoint.
Yes, it has been, and I'm really sad. I'll miss seeing all the friends I've made who usually attend.

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