What is Happening in the World Today

(The author of the post that was supposed to be up today had trouble with her e-mail and I didn't get everything I needed, as soon as I do, I'll put that up.)

Last night I watched footage of the tsunami in Japan again. It was like watching a horror movie that is all too real. There's no way that we sitting at home can even begin to imagine what those poor people are going through. So many lives lost, the horrendous chaos, the continuous earthquakes, fear of what might happen with those leaky reactors, no longer having a place to live, being cold, not enough food and it goes on and on. Oh, and I heard this morning that a volcano is spewing ashes and rocks.

My prayers go out to them all.

It hasn't been that long ago that Australia had a similar, though not quite as huge, catastrophe. But for anyone who lives there, I know it was every bit as horrific. Haiti still hasn't recovered.

And in other countries there is war, nations wanting to get rid of oppression.

Despite all this life goes on. We have to continue moving along, doing those things we always do everyday.

But I for one am going to be thankful for my blessings and enjoy each day as it comes and all those that I love.




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