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We've all heard about the Who's Who publication and the other day I received a FAX questionnaire saying I'd been chosen to be in the next one.  I didn't put a whole lot down, just my name and that I was a writer.

The next day I received a call from a charming gentlemen who said I'd been approved to be included in the Who's Who directory and he'd like to ask me a few more questions. He asked all sorts of things about my writing and you know, it's always fun to talk about yourself, so I did. In the back of my mind though I kept wondering when he was going to ask me to buy a copy.

After a pleasant chat that lasted about a half hour it came. Surely I'd want my own copy to see how he'd written up the information--at only a mere $200. And no, they wouldn't be doing an electronic copy for a long time after the printed one came out. I asked if he could send me an order blank so I could think about it. No, they didn't do it that way. He did give me his phone number though in case I changed my mind.

I won't change my mind though, who needs another big book that has many names in it, including mine--certainly not me. If any of the rest of you happen to buy a copy be sure and look for my name, Marilyn Meredith.

You never know who'll be on the other end of the line when you answer the phone.

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Lillie Ammann said…

That's very strange. I've never heard of anyone from Marquis calling for information for any of the Who's Who editions.I started out in Who's Who of American Women back in the '80s and was added to several other edition until I made Who's Who in America in 2000. Never was I called about anything. I received a form in the mail to update the information each time, always with the proviso that there was no guarantee I would be in the book. There may have been an order form with the information form, though I don't remember that. I do get an order form after the book is published, but the scenario you describe just doesn't sound like Marquis Who's Who. Regarding buying the book: my husband was excited the first time I was in one of them, so we bought that, and he always wanted to see me in Who's Who in America, so we bought the first edition of that in which I was listed. But I've never bought any other editions, and I've been in at least 3 or 4 different versions for at least 20 years. Maybe they've changed their tactics in recent years for first-time listings. They're still doing renewed listing the same way they always have--at least they were a few months ago when I filled out the last form I received. Of course, like everyone, I'm always getting solicitations from who's who directories published by other companies that charge to be listed, but I never sign up for any of them.
Jean Henry Mead said…
Same thing happened to me, Marilyn. And I receive a notice in the mail every year with my name and backgroud in it, but I didn't order the book and have no idea if I'm actually in there. Cambridge Who's Who is the one to look out for. They say that Donald Trump Jr. is associated with them and they want thousands of dollars to receive their "prestigious" publicity.
Hi Lillie, I've been in different versions too, though this is the first time they faxed me a questionnaire and had a follow-up after.

And Jean, I think we have enough to spend our money on without having a book full of "important people" that also includes our name.

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