Why We Read

I suppose I should've titled this why I read--but maybe some of you can relate.

I read first because I enjoy it. There's nothing like losing yourself in a book, becoming one with the characters, being in a new place, experiencing what they're experiencing.

This brings me to another reason, when things are going bad either personally or in the world like they are right now, through a book you can be transported to another place where usually things will all work out in the end.

As an author, I like to read what other people are writing these days. I also love reading what my writer friends have written.

These days I usually pick books I'll enjoy rather than ones that might teach me something--though almost every book has something in it that will be new to me.

Right now I'm really swamped with work--I do some consulting for people with residential care homes--and I'm trying to write a new book. But despite that I am reading two books. I read when I'm eating often and I also read during commercials when I'm watching something on TV I really want to see.

Why do you read?

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