Another One Leaving the Nest

Besides our five children we've helped raise several grandchildren--and each has finally taken wings and left the nest.

We had one grandson who lived with us from the time he was 11 until he was 22. His brother was with us too for a few years, but decided to return to his mom's for his high school years. The one who stayed with us the longest, we had many adventures with--some more than we wanted. Both young men are doing great now.

For three years plus we've had an adult grandson with us and we've watched a great change in him as he matured both as a man and a worker. He found work as a handyman, carpenter, gardener, what ever someone need done, he did it. He also went to college, taking night classes. He's getting ready to leave us. He'll soon be packing up his belongings and tools in his truck and trailer and heading for Washington State to go to work for his brother who owns a construction company.

We'll miss him. We're proud of him. We'll send him on his way with our love and prayers.

Hubby and I are getting older--but we live in this big house so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if someone else doesn't move in with us for awhile.

We'll see what the future brings.



It's bittersweet, I'm sure, but you must be very proud of their accomplishments. They were lucky to have you as loving, guiding parents/grandparents.

My mom has always been an admirer of the saying, "There are two things you give your children: one is roots, the other is wings."

How true.
Cheryl said…
It's tough to watch them go, but I'm sure you did a great job. They are very blessed.
Thanks, Kathleen, I think your mother is right.

Cheryl, we were blessed to have them.

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