Anticipation is something I suffer from a lot.

Usually it has to do with traveling somewhere to do a promotional event. This coming Thursday, April 28th at 4:30 p.m., I'll be speaking to students at Mt. San Antonio College. I'm not nervous about speaking, I'm going to be talking about my books and what inspired them--a subject I know. I love talking about my books.

The anticipation lies in the fact that we have to leave early to arrive on time to find the motel I registered us for sight unseen, but supposedly not far from the college or where we're planning to go the next day.

We've been given directions to the college, where to park, a number to call to get a guide to the proper venue on the campus--that part is under control.

After speaking, we're going back to the hotel and my cousin and her husband who live somewhere in the general vicinity are coming to take us out to dinner.

The next day we're planning to visit my 99 year old auntie, the same cousin's mom. I haven't seen her for several  years and thought a party is planned for her 100th, she's in frail health and this seems like a better opportunity.

Of course, as usual, I have plenty to do before we leave.



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