Beautiful Monday

The sun is shining and I think Spring may actually be here, though I thought that Friday and Saturday and then on Sunday it was gray, sprinkling and 50 degrees when I headed to church.

I teach Sunday School to 3rd through 6th graders. Yesterday started off well, except we had a new boy who'd never been in a church situation a friend of one of my regulars. He decided to show off by picking on his little sister. Not fun playing referee.

When church time arrived, the new boy was not at all happy and he and his friend decided to leave. I had one of the teens intercept them, but they said they had a birthday party to go too. Sister remained and sat with me. I didn't for a minute believe the birthday party story, but you can't hog tie the kids. (They only live within walking distance of the church and both had their bikes.)

After church we took our daughter (the preacher's wife) out to eat Japanese food. Her hubby is fasting right now. How he can fast (no food at all and this was his 6th day) and get up and preach I have no idea. I'd faint dead away.

On our way home, daughter treated us to our favorite iced vanilla flavored coffee.

Spent the rest of the afternoon autographing books while watching TV. Tried to watch a new mystery on TMC but I think I'll wait for the DVD--far too many commercials.

Worked more on the PSWA Conference Program and did that this a.m. too.

Now on with Monday and enjoying sunshine.



Jean Henry Mead said…
We have intermittent sunshile here today after a dilly of a snowstorm that knocked out power here for 12 hours yesterday. It was 28 degrees and has risen to 36 with five more days of snow predicted. Spring doesn't officially arrive here until May 15. I can hardly wait. :)
Linda Leszczuk said…
Woke up here this morning to thunderstorms, high winds, and falling temperatures. Some sort of nasty front going through. Been like this all day. Bleck.

Enjoy your sunshine.

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