Big, Busy Day Ahead

Seems like they are all that way, but looking at my list, I can see that I really do have a bit day ahead.

I've promised to write a letter for someone in the residential care business, it's a letter asking for more money to hire extra personnel to work with people who can't do much for themselves. I'll be paid for the job--and that's always a good thing.

I'll be on a friend's blog so I have to promote it--that's part of all this blogging stuff and I'm always amazed by those who never promote the blog they are visiting.

I need to make my hotel reservation for the Orleans in July--that's when I'm going to the Public Safety Writers Association's Conference, my very most favorite conference even if I do have to work hard at this one because I'm the program chair.

And I need to get my books ready that I'm taking to the Reader's Club I'm visiting on Tuesday. That will be quite a day and I'm looking for to it. It's about a 3 hour drive so we'll be leaving early because my daughter-in-law and I have been invited to lunch first by a few members. From there we'll got to the meeting room where I'll be talking about my books and what gave me the inspiration for them. So this means I need to figure out which books I want to discuss and which ones I think the group would be most interested in.

Afterwards, we are invited to tea. So you can see, it will be a big day.

No doubt other things will come up as the day progresses.



Monti said…
Thanks for visiting my blog today, Marilyn! What a busy day you have tomorrow!

Yes, it was busy and today even busier. Loved visiting you blog, Monti.

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