Celebrating Granddaughter's 21st Birthday at Big Bubba's

Granddaughter Jessica chose to celebrate her birthday at Big Bubba's. Those celebrating with her were her husband, Jerry, her mom and dad, and three of her girlfriends and a fiance of one's, and me and her grandpa.
Jessi has been friends with these girls since grammar school.

If you go to Big Bubba's on your birthday, they take $15 off your dinner price.

The place is very Western, loud country music, kids running all around because there's a tree house with stairs and lots of places for kids to explore.

And of course, the mechanical bull. Jessi rode the bull. I was kind and didn't take a picture of when she fell off though everyone else did. Lots more photos were taken with the friends together.

Everyone had to go to work the next day, so the party broke up early.

Happy Birthday, Jessi, it's hard to believe you are already 21.

See, I don't just stay home and write.



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