Do You Like to Cook?

Actually, I do like to cook--what I don't like is having to do it every single night. I've done a lot of cooking through they years.

First, of course for my family and back then it was trying to figure out menus for the whole month and buy the food to make those meals. We got paid once a month, so that's what I had to do or we might have starved. I really knew how to make economical meals and stretch that food dollar.

When we had our care home, I cooked for my ladies and whoever else happened to be living with us at the time. We raised different grandchildren at different time periods, which also meant we often had their friends eating with us too--so that meant always cooking large quantities and it had to be good, healthy and tasty dishes.

I don't have any idea how to cook for two--I couldn't do that anyway since we have another grown grandson living with us and I figured it was easier to cook for my son and his wife too, since they live next door. Fortunately, my daughter in law is very helpful in the kitchen and she has some of her favorites she likes to cook too. I like to try new recipes and I also make some up so I can use what I have in the pantry.

What I don't like to do is cook complicated recipes with too many ingredients or that take a long time to put together. And whatever it is, I want it to taste good.

So tell me, what are your cooking preferences?



Linda Leszczuk said…
I love to cook on holidays when the family gathers. Traditional meals where I know I'll catch heck if I forget someone's favorite. But the rest of the time, I don't really want to be bothered. Too many other things I'd rather spent the time on.

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