The Guardian

When this series was on TV I never heard about it. I do order movies and TV shows from Netflix and thought I'd try this out.

It didn't take long for hubby and me to get hooked on it. We even discuss the main character, Nick, like we know him. For a smart guy and a lawyer to boot, he sure doesn't have any people skills. Kind of reminds me of someone with Aspberger's Syndrome.

It certainly isn't feel-good show and the main characters sure do some stupid things.

Due to an arrest for drug possession, Nick, has been sentenced to many, many hours of community service working as an advocate for children and later adults too. This is not a fairy tale, most of the problems the kids and adults have don't have ideal endings, sometimes horrible endings.

The main characters make terrible choices sometimes--just as in real life.

The writers certainly did a great job on this show. Every evening that we're home, we've been watching 2 or 3 episodes.

What's up next? The last season of Friday Night Lights. We hated to see this one end, though I can see why it had to. All the kids that were on the show moved on as adults. This too is an excellent series with real life situations that don't always turn out the way we hope though it is a bit more upbeat than The Guardian.

While this blog is doing its things today, I'll be at the 50th annual Jackass Mail Run, sitting under my tent with my books and probably freezing since the high will be 60 if we're lucky. I'll report on it tomorrow.



Shirley Wells said…
I've never heard of The Guardian either. I'm intrigued though and will see if I can find it.

I hope the sun shines on you for the Jackass Mail Run. Sounds like fun.

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