How Did I Ever Used to Do it?

Looking back over my long and eventful like I wonder now how I managed to cram everything in.

Everyone knows how busy you are when you're raising five kids. I didn't have a dryer until my 5th one arrived and I finally didn't have to wash clothes and hang them on the line nearly every day. Oh, I still washed plenty, but having a dryer cut down on a lot of work. During those years I was the newsletter editor for the grammar school PTA two years in a row, secretary at least once, and was PTA president two year for the grammar school and two for the junior high. For ten years during that time I led a large Camp Fire Girls group and didn't quit until they graduated from high school. I also served on different committees for Camp Fire.

I held down jobs too. I worked as a telephone operator off and on or between babies. I also worked half a day for 10 years for a school for child development as a teacher. During that time I began taking college classes at night and during the summer eventually earning an AA in Early Childhood Development. My adult kids started falling in love and marrying and I helped plan weddings and put on receptions at our home.I also was writing and submitting manuscripts. Grandchildren started arriving and sometimes I babysat.

When we moved to Springville, only one child left at home by then, we bought, lived in and ran a licensed facility for 6 developmentally disabled women. My mom and dad soon followed and lived in a little house on the same property Besides taking care of the women, cooking, doing laundry I wrote.

My dad passed away and mom moved to Las Vegas with my sis. Other members of the family lived in the little house at various times. I began doing the newsletter for the organization of residential care providers, then helped develop state mandated classes for the administrators and taught some. And I wrote.

By this time several of my books had been published.

We retired from the residential care business finally and after a few years I also quit being in charge of the classes, though I am still doing the newsletter.

I should have more time, right?

No, for some reason, even though I still get up really early, I can't seem to get nearly as much done as I sued to.

One reason, I think, is I have to spend so much time on the Internet promoting each book when it comes out.

For some reason, it seems that the 24 hours in each day has shrunk--or I'm just slowing down. Anyone know the right answer?


Linda Leszczuk said…
Nope. It's not just you. The 24 hour day is definitely shrinking. I keep running into the same problem.
Linda, I'm glad to hear someone else thinks the days are shrinking.


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