The Infamous Jackass Mail Run

During one of the sunny times. A group of ladies line dancing.

Cloudy now, but look at the top and you can see the bad guys on the roof with their long rifles.

A shot of the front-runner to the mail wagon and across the street, the drinking bunch of the porch of the Inn.

Everyone anxiously waiting for the mail wagon, and another shot of the bad guys on the roof.
Despite the fact that this was the 50th anniversary of the Jackass Mail Run, the crowds were light during the early afternoon. Saw a lot of people I knew, but when it came to selling books, it was a wash-out. That was almost literal because it rained for a short while. It was also cold with ominous dark clouds overhead which may have kept people home.

The mail wagon took a long time to get there, but when it did  there was a real shoot-em up. Surprising how many people participated on the good guys side and the bad guys side. You knew who they were going to be because they walked around with huge guns in holsters and strapped to their legs.

Back in the good old days, people drank on the street and got rowdy. Now they drink on the porch of the Springville Inn and get rowdy. Though I did see a couple of folks swigging beer from their bottles in a paper bag.

Though the law was in evidence right before the mail wagon arrived, they weren't around much beforehand. Back in the day, the hauled the drunks off right and left.

Though this is a fun event, I've decided it's not one where people are inclined to buy my books--at least not enough to make it worthwhile.



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