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Since I wrote my review about the movie Water for Elephants, I've read the strangest comments about the movie.

One was that it was a direct rip-off of The Titanic. That one I can not figure out. The person said the circus was a substitute for the Titanic, and the main characters, replicas.

Of course there were some minor similarities, after all they say there are only 30 plots and they are reworked all the time. Certainly the same themes constantly appear in books and movies--but I felt this was certainly a refreshing movie, definitely displayed the time period, and what it was like to be in a minor circus at that time. Of course there is the inevitable romance--but even that was different. In the book, of course it was more layered, but well-done even in the shorter movie version.

The characterizations were criticized in another review--but in my opinion they definitely followed the book. The many faceted villain, the mistreated heroine, the young hero whose life plan was shattered and as he tries to make a new life for himself attempts to but unable to help everyone.

When the movie was over, the audience clapped. I think that says a lot right there about the entertainment value of the movie. Afterwards, I heard a group of women discussing what was changed in the movie from the book and that they thought the changes worked well.

That's my additional two cents about the movie.

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Also wanted to say to Anthony who commented on my last post that Water for Elephants is a rip-off of Titanic that I did hear a critic last night say it reminded him of Titanic but he loved Water for Elephants. And yes, both stories are told by the hero/heroine when he/she are old, but there have been many other books and films told that way.


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