My Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries on Kindle

I don't want to slight my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series for those of you with Kindles. For some reason that I do not know, not all of them are on there, but these are the ones that are:

Deadly Trail is the very first book in the series introducing Tempe, her son, Blair, and her new love interest, Pastor Hutch. Nick Two John plays a prominent role in this book as he's suspected of murder.

Deadly Omen is next, but for some reason isn't available on Kindle.

Unequally Yoked is the third in the series and it's only available on Kindle. Tempe looks for a missing child, participates in a Native American ceremonial, and learns that she and Hutch have a large problem in their marriage.

Intervention comes next and it's what you might call a locked room mystery. Tempe and Hutch are caught in a blizzard while on a romantic weekend at a rustic mountain lodge. A unique group of movie people are trapped with them and one disappears.

Next is Wingbeat, also not on Kindle though available as an e-book through Mundania Press.

Calling the Dead is next and Tempe participates in another ceremony to call back the dead to find out the truth about a murder and a suicide.

In Judgement Fire Tempe finds out why she hasn't really embraced her Native American heritage.

Next comes Dispel the Mist, but it is also missing on Kindle.
Invisible Path is the latest in the series, and deals with a murder on the reservation and a falsely accused Indian--but also a mysterious para military group operating in the mountains.

Those that aren't on Kindle can be ordered as an e-book from Mundania Press
Of course I have other books available on Kindle which you can find by doing a search in the Kindle stor for books by Marilyn Meredith.


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