Planning Ahead

On Saturday we're headed to Southern California, Burbank and the Buena Vista Library. I'm going to be on a panel called "The Grim Reaper-Lies, Sex and the Dark Side of Murder" at 2 p.m. with mystery authors Jeff Sherratt, Stephen Schwartz and Jeri Westerson. Jeri's the only one I've met before.

When I saw the title, I wasn't quite sure why I was asked to be on that panel--but we're all members of  Sisters in Crime LA and I've always wanted to do one of these panels--enough that I'm willing to drive 3 plus hours to get there.

Analyzing the panel topic, of course there is usually death in every mystery and murder is always dark--but though my characters do have sex, it happens behind closed doors. Sure hope I can keep up my end of the stick in this discussion. If nothing else, I can make people laugh.

A bookstore comes in to sell the book and of course they didn't order mine. (Not surprising since my publishers are both small.) So I'm bringing copies of my two latest books for the store to sell.

After the event is over, we're heading for Oxnard to visit our eldest daughter, I hope we'll be able to see our youngest while we're there too. It's always great when we have to drive somewhere for a book promotion when we can visit family while we're there.

My books are ready, I have the directions-and we'll rely on Mrs. Magellan's help too. Next, time to pack.



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