Reading Club, Great Day!

What a fun day.

Daughter-in-law was the designated driver and we left at 9:15 a.m. I'd figured out the mileage and time by using my GPS which said it would take 3 1/2 hours. We drove through the first McDonald's we came to and got two cups of vanilla flavored iced coffee to fortify ourselves.

Not only was the main highway crowded with cars and trucks, but there was construction--so as we drew nearer to Turlock, the time seemed to run out. We used the GPS instructions until it came time to look for the off ramp into town, then we switched to the directions the hostess had given me. Those took us right to the little cafe where she met us as we got out of the car. We were 10 minutes early.

Turlock is bigger than I expected and I hadn't realized that it is also a college town.

After a delightful lunch with two most gracious women from the Reading Club, we followed our hostess to the Methodist church, the site for the club's meeting and tea. The group of women was large, perhaps 40, and so welcoming.

I gave my talk about my writing career and the inspiration for some of my books. Everyone seemed interested and laughed in all the right places. Afterwards, I sold a lot of books.

We were treated to tea and the little goodies that go along with them. I had a good time and everyone seemed to enjoy my talk.

We packed up and headed home which didn't seem to take nearly as long as getting there.

That's what I call a great day!



Jean Henry Mead said…
A great day for any writer, Marilyn. Congratulations!
Hi, Jean, so nice of you to stop by. I had so much fun and was a great antidote to the less successful Jackass Mail Run.


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