What Kind of Rituals Do you Have for Writing?

Anyone who reads my Facebook knows I like to start the day with a cup of Chai Latte.

I always work in my office at my computer. Unfortunately, I'm often tempted to check my email and who might be writing something interesting on Facebook. And if I do that, I'll probably have to make a comment. Email might bring me a job to do or at the very least I'll have to answer.

But once I get to writing, I kind of zone out. I don't need music and in fact would find it distracting. I want to enter into the place where my characters are, feel what they are feeling, see everything surrounding them, smell whatever odors are wafting past and write down everything that's going on.

What about the rest of you writers out there? What do you need when you're writing.



L.D. Alan said…
I have discovered over the past decade that what I enjoy writing are book series. I get to know my characters and some I like so much I am unwilling to let them go out of my life with the ending of one book. LOL. I try to be disciplined and write a minimum of 2,000 words in each writing period which may be triggered by thinking about the story and an idea comes to me. At that point I start writing. I zone out to everyhting that is going on around me. My family writes me notes for when I come back from the story. I often write in the early moring hours to avoid disruptions like the telephone, people coming to the house, or the family needing this and that. They are generally asleeep when I do my disciplined writing. Disciplined writing often means doing lots of cutting and rewrites but it keeps me sharp and focused and doesn't allow me to get lazy. with this technique I never have what I have read abut authors having writer's block. just doesn't happen with me. :) thanks for the opportunity to comment on yur blog L.D. Alan-Rainey Walker: mystery series

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