What Occupied My Time Yesterday

As the program chair for the Public Safety Writers Association's conference, I've been busy trying to plan the program. My speakers are set, but I have to figure out now who will be on what panels.

Most of the people who come to the conference are somehow associated with a public safety field: police, FBI, border patrol, airport security, CIA, coroner's office, fire department etc., but we also have a police psychiatrist, editors, a publishers, and several mystery writers. I want everyone to have an opportunity to shine as well as sharing expertise on the different aspects of writing and promoting.

This is a great conference, small enough to get acquainted with everyone, and plenty of great speakers. Since it's in Las Vegas, people can find plenty to entertain themselves after hours. We don't plan any evening activities except for a no-host cocktail and get-acquainted party on the first night.

If you're interested, go to the website and click on conference http://www.policewriter.com/

While you're there, take a look at the great newsletter, there are informative articles, a funny one and news about our members.



Linda Leszczuk said…
Marilyn - Coincidently, I was on the conference web site earlier today. I'm planning to attend and just submitted a question on the panel/presentations schedule. Looks like it will be a great conference.
Hi, Linda, will be looking for your registration. Will be great to meet you.

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