The Great Adventure by J. E. Taylor

The Great Adventure…

And here I thought writing a book was the great adventure. 
Try your hand at opening a publishing house. The flurry of activity to get to the point where you swing the doors open is insane.  Negotiations on Website design, distribution channels, submission guidelines, contract wording, royalties, business agreements, lining up cover artists and editors and everything else in between keeps you busy.  

Insanity at its best until that moment you flip the switch . . .  and then all you hear are crickets - no band playing When the Saints Come Marching In, no fireworks, just the sound of silence.  

Of course, this is accompanied by a spark of panic when you discover your website is down.  You made the grand announcement and there was nowhere for people to go.  


That Homer Simpson sound comes from your lips and you palm your face in despair.  Thank god for technology wizards.  They magically fixed the issue and bam.  That first chirp - that first submission appears in the inbox.  

You do a little dance because your fears of unending silence have been thwarted.   

Then you read that first submission.  

Another face palm.   

Heavy sigh.  

You were warned.  

Getting submissions is fairly easy these days with the sheer number of writers in the ring, but getting a quality submission seems like finding a raw diamond on a New England beach.  

Your inbox is now chirping like a hungry chick and you wade through the slush, searching for that diamond, that story that sets your soul on fire.  

There - in between the overdone and the passive voice – there it is, shining like a beacon and you thank the stars and the moon and the wind for bringing the story to your table. 
Each moment in the publishing journey is exciting from both the writing side of the fence -hearing that your work has been accepted – to the publisher side of the fence where you as the publisher are able to make dreams come true.  

I like helping to make dreams come true. Don’t you? 

If you’re wondering what I, as an editor, look for in submissions both at Novel Concept Publishing ( or at Allegory ( swing into the following guest blogs and that will give you a pretty good roadmap.  

Thanks for swinging by Marilyn’s blog and listening to my ramblings.  

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Thanks for stopping by. I loved your story.

JETaylor said…
Thanks for having me Marilyn!

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