It's Raining, It's Pouring!

This is news because we live in "sunny" California and are really having a wet year. Actually, we live in the Central Valley section up in the foothills today. By this time of year, the weather is usually headed into summer. Of course there are always exceptions. I remember a June day when my parents were moving into our little house next door and it poured the whole time the moving truck was being unloaded. One of the old timers and local historians loves to tell about the 1st of May annual Old Timers Picnic that was held outdoors and it snowed. From then on, they've held the event indoors.

Around the country the weather has been the source of news because it has truly been unpredictable. My heart goes out to those who live where flooding is a serious problem and some have lost homes and others are fearing it may happen to them.

One young woman I know is unhappy, I'm sure. She has a baby shower planned and it's to be held at a park. Fortunately, the park does have covered pavilions, but just the fact that it's raining may keep people away. I have my gift and we will make an appearance. After all, she's expecting a new great-grandchild for us.

Perhaps it will clear up enough for the party--will certainly hope so.

Before that, hubby and I will be heading over to church to teach our Sunday School classes--he the older adults and I will be teaching my 3-6 graders. My grandson-in-law is preaching today and I'm looking forward to that, he hasn't preached for a long time.

Because we almost always are complaining because of lack of rain, I'll have to count the showers today as a blessing.



Anne R. Allen said…
They predicted rain for yesterday here on the coast, but it didn't happen. So I diligently watered my yard--the first real watering of the spring.

But around 10 last night, I heard raindrops on the roof and then whoosh! Quite the downpour.

I should have listened to the weatherpersons. I'd have saved some precious water!
That's about when our rain started. Going to a baby shower in a park in a little while, praying it won't turn into a real shower.


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