Las Vegas Sisters in Crime on Mother's Day

As usual I forgot to take pictures--but speaking to this Sisters in Crime chapter was my main purpose for going to Las Vegas.

Yes, the meeting was on Mother's Day which made me wonder how many people would actually come to hear me speak about where I get my ideas.

When I arrived, of course, no one in the store had any idea who I was and why I was there. The Customer Service Girl checked her computer and said, "Oh, that group meets the second Tuesday of the month." I was also told that it was Mother's Day--as if I didn't already know that.

I wasn't discouraged because I'd seen all the advertising Morgan St. James had done about my appearance, so I went to the Children's Section where I'd been told they'd meet. In a few moments a harried individual appeared who began setting up chairs.

One by one, people began arriving. The first was a woman who'd read about my talk in the newspaper. An old friend from years ago arrived, we'd been in a romance writers group which morphed into Valley Writers and finally San Joaquin chapter of Sisters in Crime in Fresno. So much fun to catch up with her. A few members of the Las Vegas Sisters in Crime trickled in, including Morgan who'd invited me (I was delighted to see her again), and then a good friend from PSWA and his wife. All in all, I think there were 8 in the audience. Not too bad for Mother's Day.

Afterwards, four people bought books--so that was half the group and that's not bad. (Barnes and Noble had ordered copies of Angel Lost.)

My sister lives in Las Vegas so I had the added bonus of spending the weekend with her and her hubby. Along with my hubby, we had a great time. (The only Las Vegas type activity we did was hit a couple of buffets.)



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