Library Event

On Thursday, my daughter-in-law and I braved the afternoon traffic on 99 and headed to Fresno. We stopped long enough along the way to fortify ourselves with McDonald's coffee. We used Mrs. Magellan to find the particular branch of the library we were looking for.

When we got near the location, we diligently followed the directions and then Mrs. Magellan said, "You are there." We couldn't see anything that looked like a library. All that was there was a strip mall and a medical center. We drove to the next street, went in to turn around and I spotted to teens walking home from high school. "Where's the library?" I asked. The answer was, "Right down there" and of course both kids pointed in the direction we'd just come.

This time we paid better attention, drove into the parking lot of the strip mall, and there on a storefront were the word Library. Obviously at one time this had been a store. Of course the library wasn't very big, but it did have a good over all selection of books including a large area for children's books. There were plenty of tables and chairs for kids to do homework and judging from the activity we saw, this was a safe haven for many.

We were warmly greeted by the Friends of the Library members as well as the library staff. They'd set up a table for the authors, chairs, yummy refreshments and a selling table. Lorie Ham, a good friend, author and the brains behind the event arrived soon after we did. Besides our books, she was promoting her new weekly online magazine, Kings River Life--check it out, it's free and has lots of fun stuff, short stories, movie and book reviews and more. James Garcia Jr. was the third panelist.

James writes articles and reviews for the Kings River Life magazine. I've done some writing for the KRL but mostly book reviews and author interviews. James also wrote a dandy vampire mystery. Lorie is the author of several mysteries about gospel singers.

We had a small but nice gathering who were truly interested in what we had to say. After talking about our writing, we answered lots of questions, refreshments were eaten, and hooray, people bought books.

One man told me he thought I was really funny. Well, I learned long time ago if I could make people laugh, I would sell books--so I do tell some funny stories when I talking about my writing and research. And yes, it worked.

I love libraries and truly enjoy speaking engagements held in libraries. Thank you Cedar Clinton Branch for inviting us.



M.M. Gornell said…
Way to go, Marilyn! I love smaller events like that because you actually get to "meet" readers. Glad it went well.

Hi, Madeline, I hear you'll soon be on a another adventure too. Have a great time! (Sell lots of books while you're at it.)

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