Memorial Day and Personal Thoughts

These particular flags were flown for Veteran's Day, the yellow ribbons had the name of a particular veteran on it--one of which was my husband's.

Hubby, Arnold D. Meredith, better known as Hap, retired as a Chief Equipment Officer after serving 20 years in the U.S. Sea Bees. He traveled and was stationed in many places: Spain, Cuba, Newfoundland to name a few and of course different bases in the U.S. He served three times in Vietnam during the war. He loved his time in the Sea Bees.
Me not so much.

Though I was proud of what he was doing, I was left at home when he went off to these exotic places with an ever growing family--final total 5. With a houseful of teens, when hubby toyed with the idea of signing up for another tour of duty, I told him I'd had enough. It was time for him to stay home and help with the kids.

After that he worked for Sears for 15 years, then together we owned and operated a home for developmentally disabled women for 22 years.

Now we're both retired--sort of. Of course I'm writing and he's great about coming along with me on book events and helping out.

I do know that he looks back fondly on his military career--definitely the highlight of his life.

Again, my looking back is not so fondly. In fact I shed tears whenever I see the soldier coming home to their families from our latest wars--I can remember the heartache all too well. When you see anyone in the military do thank them for their service. It means a lot.



Dana said…
Yep, it was hard having Dad be gone so much when we were kids. Thanks, Mom, for being so tuff and taking care of all the emergencies and other "kid" stuff.
I always feel a pang when I see especially young people in military garb. I thank them for their service, but wish it were no longer necessary.

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