A Mystery We Write Blog Tour Coming Soon!

Preparing for the Mystery We Write Blog Tour

Thirteen mystery writers will participate in a virtual tour which begins the week of May 23 and will run through the week of August 14. Each person involved will host another person on the tour at least one day that week, a different person each week.

Each week I'll be hosting a different mystery author on my blog.

Mary 23rd--Carol Shenold
May 29th--Regan Taylor
June 6--Jennifer DiCamillo
June 13--Vivian Zabel
June 20--Anne K. Albert
June 27--Beth Anderson
July 4--Pat Browning
July 11--Sharon Rvin
July 18--Jackie King
July 25--Mary Martinez
August 1--Marja McGraw
August 8--Jean Henry Mead

I've only met three of these wonderful authors in person, Pat Browning, Marja McGraw and Jennifer DiCamillo, but I feel like I know others because we've had so much interaction on the Net.

Of course I'll be visiting each one of their blogs too. First, I'll be on Jean Henry Mead's blog. As the time draws nearer I'll be sure to let everyone know so they can drop by and visit.

This is going to be fun!

Marilyn Meredith


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